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Health Supplements Online

Probiotic Tablets, Digestive Supplements and Immune Boosts

At Supplement Tree, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality vitamins and supplements online, all-natural products. Whether you’re looking for probiotic tablets, fibre supplements or weight loss aids, in our extensive range you’ll find the one that suits your body’s needs.

We understand that there is no such thing as constant perfect health, but we do believe there’s a formula for a healthy lifestyle: it all comes down to balance. A balanced diet, getting outdoors and moving around, and doing plenty of things that you enjoy! But our bodies and minds sometimes need a bit of help to achieve that balance. Our natural products provide a boost to support your immune system, digestive system, physical health and your well-being.

What’s our secret? That there are no secrets. All our online health products have a full description, so you can see every ingredient that goes in — always natural and good for your body. With Supplement Tree, you receive the highest quality products that support your health and help you achieve balance in body and mind.

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Slimming & Weight Loss

Weight Management

Joint Health

We have an extensive range of health supplements online, that offer joint and muscle support. It’s vital we care for our joints not just as we get older, but throughout our lives. If you’re body struggles with processing the needed vitamins that support your joints, you’ll find yourself with aching knees, hips and elbows that will only worsen with time or with strenuous exercise if not properly supported.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 Supplements

Cod liver oil is filled with Omega-3 nutrients, which help with a massive range of functions from reducing the risk of heart-disease to promoting brain growth and activity! It also provides support for your joints and is particularly recommended for children and over 65s. See our full range of Omega Supplements.

Sports Supplements

Joint and muscle support is so important if you take part in any form of sports, particularly high-intensity sports such as running, cycling and court-sports. See our sport supplements for protein powders that help build your muscles.

Amino acids are vital as they keep you performing at your highest potential. Your body naturally gains amino acids through protein, but it’s not always easy to get the right balance of all the range of different amino structures for every one of your body’s functions, such as muscle repair. Our amino acid tablets allow you to achieve this. They also promote a healthy immune system, circulation, heart function and sexual function.

Vitamin Supplements

A large proportion of the time, our bodies know how to get vitamins from our food and environment (such as sunshine), but more frequently than many people realise, our diets lack certain nutriments or our bodies struggle to process our food correctly in order to gain the vital vitamins. ‘Vitamin supplements’ encapsulates our most extensive range of products. You will find everything from digestive health support to immune system boosters.

Digestive Health

We have a range of digestive health supplements that are all designed to promote and support your digestive system, including probiotic tablets, indigestion tablets and fibre supplements. Problems and hold-ups in your digestive system can leave you feeling needlessly uncomfortable, but we have the solution.

Probiotic Tablets

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that promote healthy digestion, along with the creation of vital enzymes and chemicals in our bodies. Our guts need a massive range of good bacteria in order to function and when our gut flora become unbalanced, we can feel bloated, have abdominal pains or even more complex problems. Our probiotic tablets contain more bacteria than probiotic yoghurts and without the sugar, fats and calories. In fact, one of our probiotic tablets (Probiotic Complex 30 Veg Capsules) has the same amount of bacteria per tablet as around 40 tubs of probiotic yoghurt!


Detoxification describes the removal of toxic and waste substances from your body that build up over time. Usually, this cleansing is naturally done by our livers, but they often only partially cleanse our bodies and often need some support to work effectively. Flushing your colon can have huge benefits to your digestive system and digestive health, particularly if you’ve been suffering from irregular bowel movements.

Women’s and Men’s health

We have supplements that offer prostate support and a healthy urinary tract for men. We also provide a range of women’s health supplements that help with hormone balance, promoting regular menstrual cycles and giving menopause support as your body changes and learns to rebalance itself.

Immune Health

Keeping your immune system healthy is so important to your general well-being as its role is to fight off bad bacteria, illnesses and diseases. If you have a low immune system, you’ll find yourself getting ill frequently, often suffering from colds, or not being able to recover from an illness. This is particularly important as you get older as you will find that your immune system doesn’t run as effectively or efficiently. Our extensive range of immune system boosters can really help you feel good every day.

Mind & Mood

Your mental health is as equally important as your physical health, and problems can have an even greater effect on your well-being than many physical ailments. Your mood and mental processes are controlled by chemicals, which means that mind and mood supplements that promote the correct balance of hormones and chemicals can have a fantastic influence upon the way you feel. This can be particularly poignant when you’re going through periods of stress or anxiety and we have a range of natural health supplements online, that help your neurotransmitters work efficiently and effectively.

Slimming and Weight Loss

As a nation we’re becoming hyper-aware of our weight. Weight loss and diets should always be carefully considered and undergone in a healthy and balanced way, but it is easier than ever to find unhealthy weight loss solutions; ones that put you under mental strain or even surgical solutions. This is why we offer fantastic weight loss aids that are filled with natural ingredients and promote natural weight loss.


Superfoods are thus named due to their multitude of positive effects for our body. One of which can be promoting a faster metabolism, which helps with weight loss efforts. They also supply our bodies with vitamins, help us to process them and can help with a healthy immune system — according to the specific superfood. We have a range of different superfood supplements and powders.


Antioxidants remove free-radicals from our bodies. Free radicals have been associated with a massive range of unwanted effects, including those related to weight and aging. As our body gets older, many of our systems work less effectively and we feel these effects in the rate of our metabolism, our immune system, our digestive system and our joints. Antioxidants help slow the effects of aging by removing free-radicals and generally promote a healthy body.

Skin support supplements are filled with antioxidants that reduce the formation of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity. We also have a range of collagen capsules. Collagen is vital for healthy skin, as well as strong bones, so these capsules provide skin support, helping your skin look and feel healthy.

In addition to our extensive range of health supplements, we also offer dog health vitamins that give support to your pet. This includes joint support and all-natural calming solutions, as well as probiotic tablets for digestive health and general multivitamins to keep your dog happy and healthy.

If you have any queries about Supplement Tree or any of our extensive range of online health supplements, then just get in touch!